The Descent into Bookland

For as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of books. Family myth attributes that love and devotion to my mother, who not only reads faster than me but has an appreciation of literature that almost rivals mine own. Stories drive and cultivate my imagination; my love of the written word has grown to such a level that at times I find myself contemplating becoming a writer myself to grant others the opportunity to fall into and discover my imagination on their own. But that will happen one day, and that is for a blog other than this.

As of January 2012, I began to challenge myself to read at least 50 books a year. It was to be a challenge since being in college had severely decreased my reading time. And while I did not accomplish that goal in 2012 (for I only completed 40 books) I have set upon the challenge again as of 2013. Only this time I have begun to write reviews of books, and I have discovered that I love to offer my thoughts. So this blog will be a place to post my book reviews. At first posts will come quickly as I transfer over reviews I have already written from my goodreads and tumblr accounts. From there on it will grow as my reading does. I hope to make this fun and to encourage readers to try a book they never considered before.

Happy reading, from my bookland to yours.


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