Review: Kate’s Progress

Title: Kate’s Progress Image

Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Rating: ★

Provided Synopsis: Kate’s latest failure on the London dating scene leads her to escape to an idyllic Exmoor, West Country village where she finds her ‘Cinderella Project’ – a run-down cottage on the edge of the moors.

Her attempt to lead a quiet life there is, however, thwarted by a town seething with passion and intrigue. Competition for her affections leads to her entanglement with the Blackmore family, the local landowners consisting of the hostile and brooding Ed; his gorgeous, divorced, playboy brother Jack; and their flighty, shopaholic step-mother Camilla.

Review: Be honest: when you read the title and the premise of the book weren’t you invoked with the idea that this would be a story in which the woman progresses to a different phase of her life? Kate has had hear heart broken, thus prompting her to make the decision to move from London to the countryside and partake on an adventure. She purchases a cottage to renovate, submerges herself within the doings and lives of the village locals, and I would have thought that all this change would have brought about some characters development for her. After all, the book is called Kate’s Progress. Yet her development did not progress at all. She remained the same character in a different setting because the plot of the story did not allow her to do anything else.

The book ran somewhat parallel to the storyline of Pride and Prejudice. It was easy to match all of the characters in Kate’s story with those from Elizabeth Bennett’s. Because of this the story read with a hundred percent predictability — the reader is already aware of where all these characters fit into the main scope of things. This is not a book that I could recommend to anyone because I do not feel as if anyone would get much out of it. Sorry.


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