Review: How to Lose a Bride in One Night

Title: How to Lose a Bride in One Night (Forgotten Princesses #3) 16065425

Author: Sophie Jordan

Rating: ★1/2

Provided Synopsis: He saved her life…

When Annalise Hadley is tossed over the side of her honeymoon barge, the newly-minted duchess knows she’s been left for dead — for her husband’s only interest is in her vast dowry, not her muddied lineage. However, she didn’t count on a savior. Especially not an honorable, sinfully intriguing earl who will tempt her to risk everything—again.

Now he will seduce her heart and soul

A man with his own demons, Owen Crawford, the reclusive Earl of McDowell, is enchanted by the mysterious, courageous woman he rescued. He will help her heal, teach her to protect herself, and then send her away—so that she’ll never see he’s far from the hero she believes him to be.

But days and nights alone prove that some secrets are meant to be discovered…some desires are too powerful to resist…and some wounds can only be healed by love.

Review: Nothing disappoints me more than when a promising premise evolves to nothing. I had been intrigued by How to Lose a Bride in One Night because I thought it would offer something different. After all, in the beginning of the story, Annalise is just married to a man who is revealed to hate her and to have only been after her large dowry; he was so opposed to the idea of her and a marriage to her that he attempts to murder her on their wedding night and disposes of her body in a river. That was a bang of an opener, and it left me excited to see where the story would go from there. With her husband already revealed to be such a villain I thought this story would have some action in it, along with the expected romance as Annalise and her rescuer fall in love.

Instead, nothing really happened once the initial chapters and the murder attempt against Annalise’s life had occurred. The hero of the tale, Owen, was a trained assassin in India during the war, yet he is not allowed to do much of anything (besides brood over how the war has left him undeserving of love) due to Annalise’s refusal to be truthful with him. I wish she had told him what happened to her so he could have sprung into action (because it was clear he would have) to push the story into one of more adventure and redemption. This could and should have been a book to go there!

The ending of this book was also so ridiculous and anti-climatic that I rolled my eyes multiple times in the final pages. First of all, the justice served to Annalise’s husband was rushed and flat. Then, the reader already knows the hero and heroine would fall in love, but, unfortunately, the two became less interesting, and suddenly nauseating, as they came closer and closer to revealing their feelings to one another. The tension to get to the endgame was more interesting than their “love.”


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