Review: When Gods Die

ImageTitle: When Gods Die (Sebastian St. Cyr #2)

Author: C.S. Harris

Rating: ★★★1/2

Provided Synopsis: Brighton, England, 1811. The beautiful wife of an aging Marquis is found dead in the arms of the Prince Regent. Draped around her neck lies an ancient necklace with mythic origins-and mysterious ties to Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. Haunted by his past, Sebastian investigates both the Marchioness’s death and his own possible connection to it-and discovers a complex pattern of lies and subterfuge. With the aid of his lover, Kat Boleyn, and a former street urchin now under his protection, Sebastian edges closer to the killer. And when one murder follows another, he confronts a conspiracy that threatens his own identity…and imperils the monarchy itself.

Review: When the Marchioness of Anglessey is found dead in the arms of the Prince Regent, the Prince’s advisors call in Sebastian St. Cry to find the woman’s murderer so suspicion might be diverted away from the royal family. The fate of the monarchy and the unrest of the populace make many things uncertain; for the Prince to be the guilty party lends weight to the rumors that the House of Hanover is tainted with madness and that another ruler from the exiled Stuart family should be sought overseas. A political plot is underfoot and Sebastian must uproot those responsible if he is to discover Guinevere’s murderer.

What I liked about this book is how much I was able to learn about Guinevere as person rather than a plot point. I found myself mourning her death with every new detail discovered about her life; to Sebastian and I, it was more important to learn who was responsible so that they might be brought to justice rather than to clear up the Prince Regent’s name. C.S. Harris knows exactly what to do to make her characters into dimensional people. She even goes as far as to begin construction on a larger story arc, in which Sebastian must look into the memories of his past to confront what the present offers and what the future might bring.


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