Review: The Hazards of Hunting a Duke

138254Title: The Hazards of Hunting a Duke (Desperate Debutantes #1)

Author: Julia London

Rating: ★★★

Provided Synopsis: When the three young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother’s fortune, Ava, the eldest, hunts down the notoriously wealthy rakehell Jared Broderick, the Marquis of Middleton and heir to a dukedom. Much to her shock and delight, the marquis sweeps her into a whirlwind romance and proposes marriage. But after their passionate wedding night, Ava discovers Jared has ulterior motives of his own.

Not only does he expect her to deliver an heir while he continues to enjoy a rogue’s life, but Ava also suspects she is a pawn in her husband’s quest for revenge. Marriages of convenience work for some, but for Ava a loveless bond won’t do. So she devises a bold plan to confront her husband’s demons so that he might be free to choose to give her his heart for the right reason: because she is the only woman he will ever truly desire.

Review: (Pardon me, but I am feeling incredibly lazy and uninspired with words at the moment, therefore this review shall be brief.)

Julia London’s most recent endeavors have been more miss than hit with me, therefore I decided to turn back to her earlier work — and I am glad I did. The characters were enjoyable, the secondary cast that surrounded hero and heroine were relatively memorable and I expect to see more of them if I decide to continue with this series, and the journey to building a loving marriage was done well.

Perhaps there was a bit too much angst, along with a bit too much winking on behalf of the hero, but other than those qualms, along with the fact this book offered noting miraculously new to the genre, this story can be considered a solid read. If you like your romance stories to allow the reader to witness it all then this if for you. Otherwise come talk to me and I will point you in another direction.


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