A Little Announcement…

I posted this statement on my twitter account, and now I will post it here as well:

I have finished The Wild Girl, but have not felt inspired or motivated to write a review on it. Tbh, this is a feeling that has been hovering.

So I think I’ll be making some changes. I’ll write on the blog when I have something to talk about. Otherwise, just reference my Goodreads to see what I’m reading; I’ll continue to rate my reads and jot down a few words, but it will no longer be as in depth for the time being.

When I feel like writing again, I’ll write  🙂  But for now I just want to read books.

In conclusion, this is in no way a goodbye! I just need to stop writing reviews on everything that I read for a little while — it had begun to feel like a chore rather than a way to talk to others about what I love to do: read.

Thanks for understanding!



3 thoughts on “A Little Announcement…

  1. Yes, i know how you feel. I’ve started to also post only reviews about the books where i actually have something to talk about, then at the end of the month, i include every book i read that month, including the ones i didn’t review. 🙂

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