Review: Marrying Christopher

25292540Title: Marrying Christopher (A Hearthfire Romance #3)

Author: Michele Paige Holmes

Rating: ★★

Provided Synopsis: Having seen both his sisters Grace and Helen happily married, Christopher Thatcher is free to pursue his dream of life in America. With adventure in his heart and mind, he boards one of the first steamships set to cross the Atlantic in the record breaking time of only twenty-five days.

Within the first two of those, his resolve—to avoid women and the complications they often bring to a man’s life—falters when he meets Marsali Abbott, a young woman with a past even more troubling than his own. Whether from years of habit protecting his sisters, or simply because he feels drawn to Marsali, Christopher chooses to help her and becomes her friend.

As the truth about what awaits Marsali in America becomes evident, he is faced with a more difficult choice, one that will impact their lives far beyond four weeks together at sea.

Review: With his sisters happily settled in marriage, Christopher decides to take her restless spirit off to America, where he hopes to be able to make a name for himself that he is proud of. On the steam ship passage across the Atlantic, he becomes acquainted with, forms a friendship, and falls in love with Marsali Abbot, who is leaving a life of servitude in the home of her aunt for four years as an indentured servant on Virginian soil. With circumstances in her life being as they had been, Marsali’s decision to leave England behind made sense in my mind; Christopher’s did not, and unfortunately this disconnect between character and reader continued.

Saving Grace — the first book of this series — is my favorite because of the way I was able to relate to Grace instantaneously and because the relationship between she and Nicolas developed over a period of time that the reader is witness to. Marrying Christopher did not accomplish what the story of his eldest sister did. I did not feel anything in regards to the relationship between Christopher and Marsali. The two of them could be lost so often to introspection and that did not work for me either. Make me feel that you love each other, don’t tell me.

In this story’s favor, however, is the way the author managed to take what you believe is to happen, then twist the paths of the two main characters in the middle of the story. The twist was good! As was the initial conflict it created. The problem was that far too soon the obstacles in the way of the characters began to drag out. Sooner rather than later the point is reached where you will want the story to reach the conclusion it must and then end.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


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