Top Ten Tuesday #8: Top Ten Historical Settings You Love or You’d Love To See

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about historical settings I love, and I also decided to incorporate historical settings that I would love to see. It should be known that I am a massive fan of the historical fiction genre; this topic is perfect for me.

  1. Ancient Greece — I have a minor in Classics. I became a Classics minor because of my love for mythology and the civilizations of the ancient worlds of our past. Nothing makes me happier than finding a story set within the ancient world of Greece. Bonus points are also given if the Gods and Goddesses are included.
  2. Ancient Rome — Because of the reasons mentioned above. There is so much to work with if you take the time to look into the history of the Roman Republic, or even the Empire! Give me some stories about Caesar, Augustus, Nero, etc. The Empire expanded so far that the opportunities are limitless.
  3. Ancient Egypt — For the same reasons as mentioned above. And also because I so rarely find books set in ancient Egypt during the time of pharaohs. I think the YA genre in particular could benefit from this setting since many of the kings and queens began their rule at young ages…
  4. Tudor/Elizabethan England — Simply because this setting never manages to get old.
  5. Regency England — I really love romance books set in this time period. Maybe it has something to do with how strict the rules were, making every glance, word, or touched exchanged infinitely important.
  6. Atlantis — The Lost City!! Come on! Why are there no book on the market about this? It could be about the days leading up to the disaster; it could be about a team going underwater to find the city, and discovering an alternate dimension that sucks them back in time a la Outlander; it could be anything.
  7. Mesopotamia — Sand as far as the eye can see. The jinn. The caravans. I am ridiculously in love with books set an a desert landscape.
  8. Africa — Let me be honest: I come across a lot of stories set in Africa, but they always seem to be told from the same demographic’s point of view. How about we have some more stories set in Africa about Africans?
  9. The Wild West — I have only recently begun to search for books set in the Wild West of the Americas due to how much I enjoyed Vengeance Road. I am also going to include within this category a desire to see more books set on the Oregon Trail.
  10. The Yukon — While we are on the subject of trails, let us move into the topic of the gold rush during the 1980s in the Klondike. The journey there was dangerous, and if you did manage to reach your destination, the hardships did not let up. I think some good stories could be told here.

What do you think of my list? What are your top historical settings? I’d love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #8: Top Ten Historical Settings You Love or You’d Love To See

      • That and Stargate Atlantis. Ha. There is one series of adult books fairly recent but it just doesn’t grab my attention. And I actually read a really good one like 15 years ago but can’t remember the name of it now and I think it’s gone out of print.

  1. Oh my gosh, I have #1-#7 on my list too haha!!! I want an Atlantis book SO BADLY. I want the days leading to the disaster but the Outlander idea is really cool! There are so many books about Troy and Camelot, which I love, so why not Atlantis?!?! I’d also love some prehistory books set in Africa, can you imagine how fascinating that would be! Really great list, I like it. I always want more historical fiction.

    • Which books have you read about Camelot? I need suggestions! That is another time period that I am fascinated with, and I’ve never even thought to look for some books on it.
      And yes, prehistory Africa would be great

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