Plucked: From Page to Screen #1

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Plucked: From Page to Screen!
Inspired by how we watch TV series almost as much as we read books, Cilla and I came up with this feature. What if we take a character from a bookish or a television universe and toss them into a different one, in the other medium? Every month, we’ll be sharing our mash-ups with you.

BOOK CHARACTER: Kenny Showalter from The Princess Diaries fa.gif


SCENARIO: Kenny becomes a member of Team Flash

I’ll admit it: when Cilla and I decided to go with characters from The Princess Diaries series (because the two of us also have a feature in which we make our way through the series now that we are in our 20s) and the universe of DC Comics, my immediate thought was to pluck Lilly Moscovitz.

Why? Because she annoys me to pieces with the way she treats people, and because I don’t think she is as much of a genius as Mia claims she is. I thought that placing her with the genius team who makes up Team Flash would have caused friction.

But then I thought: what if I pluck another character from The Princess Diaries series? What if I pluck someone who is actually shown to be good at science… How would that work out? Thus, we have Kenny joining Team Flash.


For those of you with little knowledge of Kenny, he dates Mia in book three of the series, is her lab partner who always does most of the work, and is a liar — in a way that is not cruel, but in the sense that he does it because he is not over Mia and is attempting to get a reaction out of her to validate his feelings.

Due to his science skills, Kenny could make an important member of Team Flash. I believe he would easily be able to keep up Caitlin Snow, Doctor Wells, Barry, and Cisco as they discuss the concepts of speed, time travel, and breaches with connections to Earth Two. I could also picture him aligning himself closely with Cisco, simply because they have that personality that is more akin to a friend you want on your side rather than a romantic partner of any sort.

So, welcome Kenny to Team Flash. I bet that Princess of Genovia would think twice about you if she knew about the secret identity you lead when you head to Star Labs every day for an “internship program.”

What do you think? Can you picture Kenny as a member of Team Flash?  What other characters from The Princess Diaries series would you throw into the DC Comics universe?


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